We got the boot!

Our time on So You Think You're Crafty has ended:(
Whitnee and I had so much fun participating in the contest and it was really fun to do more than sew! 
This past week's theme was Cultural, we chose to make a fabric Lei, since our family has spent a lot of time in Hawaii and having Luau's we thought that was the most appropriate for us! 
We went across the street to the lake and Whitnee posed for some pictures.
Then she even did a hula dance!
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  1. What a bummer. I think it's adorable....and very 'crafty'.

  2. *sad face*

    It's a great lei! You have done a wonderful job in that whole competition! You should be very proud!!

  3. You certainly had a great run though :)

    I think your lei is adorable!

  4. Sorry you got booted, but their loss...you guys rock!!! totally rock!! totally crafty rock....

  5. All your entries were very nice ! and FESTIVE !!! good job ladies !

  6. I'm sorry it's over - but boy you guys came up with some awesomely creative stuff while you were working together! Don't stop!


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