I'm one of those people who moves my furniture around about once a month. It always makes me feel revitalized! In my studio I don't have the capability to move things around much, mostly because I'm not strong enough to move my long arm.....:) So instead I've found it revitalizing to just switch the quilts that I have hanging on the walls. 
So this week I put this one up behind my long arm and I'm loving it! This is still one of my favorite quilts that I've ever made and it makes me so happy!
I also finished quilting that quilt you can see on the machine. 
All over circles, turned out really cute!
Now off to bed, I've got a big weekend ahead.

My brother is getting married.
I've got a new Moda Bake Shop tutorial to share.
Lots of family in town.

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  1. LOVE the quilt on the wall!
    Do you have any tips for doing the binding on it - especially on those zig zaggy, not 90 degree angles on the top & bottom?

  2. The quilt on the all is beautiful! I have made a bunch of those hexagons from Julie's quilt a long but I have many more to go to get over 100 blocks! This is inspirational though, I like large quilts.

  3. Such a happy wonderful quilt! Have a great weekend; congrats to your brother!

  4. Yummy quilt. Sounds very much like you have a super weekend lined up.

  5. That is a lovely quilt! I bought a couple jelly rolls to make myself one as well but the colors will be more muted. I will have to try using brighter colors because that quilt sure does pop and add drama to the room!

  6. I love your quilt on your wall. It does make you happy to look at it! How cool!

  7. Love the quilt on the wall - that is one of my favorite scrappy patterns to make.

    Change is good. Keep moving things around.


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