Row Quilt and Botany

I finished quilting this row quilt this morning! I think it's so much fun. Last year, 2009, this was our local quilt guild quilt of the year. We live in a small town in the Utah mountains and our little town has a lot of fun attractions. So the ladies that designed the quilt tried to incorporate those into the quilt.
We have very beautiful mountains.
Lots of pretty flowers in all of the fields.
We have a historic steam engine that runs through the valley.
The lakes and rivers.
Lots of old buildings.
The cobblestone sidewalks.
Lots of farms
And lots of wide open country.

Here are a few close ups of my quilting.
The snow topped mountains.
The farm and grasslands.
The old buildings and the cobblestone sidewalks.
We have a couple of lakes in our valley.
It's been so much fun to see the variations of this quilt.

I also quilted this fun Botany House quilt today.
I think it's super cute and kinda want to make one for myself! 
Can you believe it's already Thursday afternoon?
I can't!

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  1. They are both beautiful pieces. After my disaster yesterday, I think I should work with more patterns, instead of going off on a tangent;)


  2. Ooh la la, I like very much!! Such intricate quilting and so very well thought out. All I can say is WOW! ~karen

  3. I love row quilts. I have never made one...I need to because I always love them. As for your quilting...it is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very Pretty!! :D I had a question for you...where did you learn how to long arm? Did you teach yourself? I think I remember you saying that your mom quilted as well. I had a question (I am teaching myself how to long arm) when you put your quilt on...do you baste around the whole quilt first? Then roll things back so you start at the beginning again? I didn't know if you were suppose to do this and if it helped at all??? I have always LOVED your work :D And I am in Orem...just 30 minutes away!

    Also I have a step sister in law that asked me to make her 3 daughters some quilts....I just sent her a bunch of mbs pictures of quilts....2 out of the 3 were your designs!! Very popular with the girls! :D

  5. CUTE! I love seeing how different the row quilts are and the houses - adorable, and so simple.

  6. Oh , these are both FINE looking quilts ; something I'd never think I'd like , but you added your magical quilting and now I LOVE THEM !!!

  7. The quilting on your guild quilt is absolutely amazing! Beautiful work!

    xo -E

  8. Those row quilts are sooo cute. I love row quilts and you just don't see too many of them. Great job.


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