3 Baby Quilts - 1 Day!

Yesterday was a marathon.
I don't usually quilt this many quilts in one day,
since I slacked off last Friday I had to catch up.
I quilted this Modern Baby quilt for Jenn I love how she made it in the Eden material! It's so soft looking! Just love it!
A close up of the quilting.
Then I quilted this fun little baby girl quilt. So simple yet so super cute!
 Last but not least I finished the day with this baby boy quilt. Super simple but a great little baby quilt.

Now onto the really exciting stuff!!!!
I wait all week long for this night!
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ALSO We've thrown in an additional prize!
We will be giving away 1 Spirit Charm Pack @ 10:00pm and then ad additional mystery prize at 9:00pm!
Can't wait to chat with you tonight!
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  1. Beautiful quilts...and AMAZING quilting! You do such awesome work. Can't wait for tonight! :)

  2. Love your quilting design! ...dreaming of my own long arm - someday!

  3. Well , here you go again ! LOVE THEM ALL ! what time zone are you on ? I'm EST ( I think .... ha.)

  4. I went to college with Jenn (who made the first quilt)... small world, huh? ;)

    Beautiful job Natalia! :)


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