I had good intentions

 I arrived at my studio bright and early this morning, was doing a little bit of piecing on my conventional machine when my needle broke, no big deal. Then I realized that was the last regular needle I had. Boo :(
So I left my machine and decided to work on a different project until my LQS opened, which wasn't for two hours. After they opened I ran and picked up some needles. I put the new needle on my machine and when I did I realized that the needle was right above the metal on my presser-foot. 
 I always move the needle to the desired position and while I had been away we had a power surge, that made my needle become stuck right about the metal. Not good. I hurried and got on the phone with the Bernina dealer and they told me I had to bring them the machine. So I jumped in the car and headed to the dealer, which is about 30 miles away. Went in and the sweet little man told me that he doesn't work with the computerized Berninas only the older ones and the man who works on the newer ones just left and won't be back for a couple of hours. GREAT! I drove all that way and now they can't fix it. The little man says let me take a look and maybe I can do something. So he gets the machine, applies a little pressure to the needle bar and pop, it went right back into place! Then the little man was nice enough to oil and clean my machine for me all for FREE! He is now my new best friend! He saved my day! Although I didn't get much accomplished today at least my machine is fixed!
Hope you're all having a great day with no broken needles or machines! :)

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  1. Glad the nice little man could fix your machine.

  2. I'm guessing at Dave's. I love them over there. They are always do nice and helpful!

  3. No such luck. My machine went in last Friday for a quick check up and a minor repair to the needle threader...STILL NOT HOME!!!! Waiting on new parts... Hoping the Janome parts fairies hurry! ;0)

  4. Must be something in the air. My machine (which has just been serviced) has been a nightmare today, so much so I gave up on it and will ring my little man tomorrow. It must be something simple, please. The thread and fabric gets mashed and knotted into the feeds when I start stitching and the needle vibrates and goes nowhere, very scary.

  5. Bless his heart, glad he was able to get it all fixed up for you :)

  6. That is the tough thing with computerized machines, we cannot touch them if something goes wrong it it cancels the guarantee. Glad you were able to get it fixed, so you can start creating again.


  7. Whew. I was afraid you had a shorted out board from the power surge.

  8. That was so funny how you kept referring to him as the sweet little man! Just think, he would probably crack a smile if he got to read your post:)

  9. Phew! I thought I was gonna read that you had to buy a new machine!

  10. I'm happy you got it your machine repaired the same day. Yeah!! I bet the little man's your new best friend. :)

  11. ack! Glad he was so sweet and helpful...I haven't been here all week - sorry!

  12. Hi Natalia,
    What a wonderful little man :)
    hugs, Sharon


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