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Inspired by me...... Really?

My sweet customer Darcy made my day when she brought me this quilt.
First of all I think it's daring,
then she told me she was inspired by our quilt Figgy Christmas!
I machine quilted it for her.
Custom quilting.
I think it turned out super cute,
I may be a little biased.
I also quilted this fun baby quilt this week.
Cute isn't it!

Thanks to everyone who joined in Talkin' Tuesday #talknt last night!
It was fun,
we learned a lot together
I can't wait until next week!

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  1. both of these are lovely! great quilting.

  2. Love the quilts and the quilting..... very cute!


  3. YES it was fun on twitter. I finally figured out at the end though that I was supposed to click on my message to get a RT and not write PLS RT! That is right. Right?

  4. Well I think your quilting is completely fantastic! Inspired by your 9 birdie baby quilt, I just started one myself. I'm sure it'll look nothing like yours since I'm a beginner and not too great at machine quilting, but I'm still excited to see the finished product. Any advice?

  5. Beautiful quilts and quilting.
    I did some free motion today and did a mess on the baskets. Then I decided to draw it myself and just have fun and worked better, but still made a mess.


  6. they are both very cute... but having purple be my favorite color i have to say the figgy christmas one is very cool. a job well done by both of you.....

  7. P.S. was this a charm pack or a layer pack? i love the colors and the recipe for making it....would she share.

  8. great quilts! I love green and purple together....
    the chat was awesome! thanks again!

  9. Gorgeous quilts and your quilting is stunning!! The purple and green quilt took my breath away!! I love it!!

  10. Can I ask you where you'd recommend someone to start learning quilting? A book, a blog, a tutorial? Any names or sites you'd recommend? Thanks!


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