How I Spent December

I spent the month of December buried in my long arm machine.  I quilted several quilts and just haven't had time to share these beautiful quilts with you!
So, in no particular order here are a few quilts that I quilted in December.

I quilted this snowman quilt for my sweet customer Darcy.
She also made this Reindeer quilt.
This quilt is made from Wonderland materials.

Juile made this quilt for her daugheter and her boyfriend. She made it personal by adding applique of meaningful things in their relationship. Julie is so creative.
She also made this darling Truck quilt.

Heidi made this quilt for her son who is serving an LDS mission for two years. She wanted him to have something to remember home. Cute idea.

Debbie actually made two T-Shirt quilts for two of her sons. She snatched up their T-Shirts while they were at school and they had no idea they were gone.

Now, I've finally got Decembers pictures of out the way. Whew!
I feel a little bit more caught up.
How about you? Are you caught up?

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  1. love the quilts. i never did get my hands on any Wonderland fabrics; it is still one of my favorites

  2. You do such beautiful quilting! It must be fun to get to work on some really neat quilts that other people have piece - besides the binding (obviously) the quilting really is the finishing touch!

  3. Wow!! You were busy!! AND such gorgeous quilting!! That snowman quilt is calling my name!! Love him!

  4. these are all beautiful!! i really love that wonderland quilt.

  5. Love the Wonderland quilt and the quilt beneath it! You're such a powerhouse with quilting! Look at you go! Happy to hear that you had a wonderful quilty december! :D

  6. Wow, you were busy. The quilts all look really great. I am enjoying your blog since your debut on the Moda Bakeshop site.

  7. Wow - that's a whole lotta quilting - yay you! I'm not caught up - in fact i still have pix of soe redecorating I want to share from LAST AUGUST! LOL!

  8. I am impressed I spent 9 to 15 hours a day working in the sewing room and I still only finished two quilts. I bow to you, you must be the speed queen.


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