How to Prepare a Binding

How to prepare a 2.25" non bias binding.
First, figure out how much material you will need. To do this measure the perimeter of your quilt. So my quilt is 45"x60" so add 45+45+60+60=210. I will need a minimum of 210" of binding.
Now take 210/42 (the average width of your material.) = 5 cuts. So I will need 5 - 2.25" cuts.
Now take 2.25x5=11.25. So I will need 11.25 inches of binding. (I usually purchase a little bit more just to make sure I've got enough.)
Have I lost you yet?
 Make sure that the edge of your material is square.

Now make 5 - 2.25" cuts.
Open your strips, lay them on top of each other as shown in the image above.
Cut on the bias line towards the right. As shown in the image above.
Now, move to the opposite end and line the materials up on the bias line again.
Cut again going towards the right.
Your fabrics should line up as shown in the image above.
Lay the materials right sides together and stitch. Make sure to leave a 1/4" dog ear.
Repeat on all seams. You will want a long strip of binding material.
Press the seams open.
Walla, your binding is complete.
If you don't plan on using your binding right away. Here is a great way to store your binding.
Wrap the binding over itself around your ruler.
Slide the material off the ruler and it's all nicely together.
Simply pin a little note on it with the total number of inches of binding if you're not planning on using it for a while.


  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial Natalia! You are always so good at sharing tutorials and as a beginner I appreciate that so very much!

  2. I cut my binding 2.25 as well. I will have to try to cut the ends at an angle. Tried it before, and well disaster. thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Very well illustrated! I LOVE the idea of how you fold it for storage - genius!

  4. Ooh! You explain everything so well! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

  5. great tutorial! that's exactly how I do the math and prepare my binding too! except I do iron it in half lengthwise before I roll it up into a coil :) you're tutorials are always so fantastic because they are clearly written and full of pictures! thanks!

  6. This is a great post, I love the idea of rolling the binding up on the ruler to store it.

  7. Natalia, I used this tutorial Thursday to make the binding for the binding for my first quilt. It was perfect! Thank you!!

  8. I love the idea!

    I have made a couple quilts, about 30 or so, and I was under the impression that binding should be on the bias. Does you binding wear faster than on the bias, or is is just a pain-in-the-butt thing I've been doing for no real reason???


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