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When Natalia first asked me to be a guest blogger at Piece N Quilt, my initial reaction was “Me?!  Really??”  But here I am, flattered beyond belief!
I wish I had some grand history of learning to stitch on my mother’s lap or watching my grandmother piece quilts in my childhood.  But how I came to stitching and sewing is much less romantic, and only a recent development at that.
As a new mom staying at home full time with a fussy baby, I found myself feeling very isolated.  Not long after my son’s birth in 2006, DH picked us up and moved us from my roots in Arizona to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  I have never felt so alone or so out of my element!  Realizing I was on the brink of an emotional breakdown, I made a special trip to the craft store in search of something creative to occupy my time.  I stumbled upon a “Learn to Cross Stitch” kit.  I was immediately bitten!  That was a little over 2 years ago and I’ve been stitching ever since.  It’s relaxing, it’s portable, and it’s something I can pick up or put down at a moment’s notice.
 "Poinsettia House" designed by Littlehouse Needleworks, stitched on 28 count linen using Crescent Colours floss and DMC floss

My husband frequently makes comments that he loves my stitching as much as I do.  Having a creative outlet and something “just for me” makes me a better wife and a better mother – some I’m sure most moms out there can understand.
I only took up sewing this past summer.  Using my mother’s old Kenmore sewing machine, I started with a dress for my baby girl.  It’s hopelessly flawed, but looks okay at first glance and I was very proud of it.  Since then, I’ve continued to practice, learning new techniques and gaining confidence.  In December, I made DD’s dress for her first Christmas and I must say it is a huge improvement from that first dress this summer.  It was first time sewing in a zipper, and I even improvised the ruffles on the diaper cover!
LadyBug's Christmas dress and diaper cover - Butterick 3782 in red corduroy 
Building a relationship with my sewing machine, I signed up for a beginner’s quilting class in the fall.  I only made a small table topper, but I think most quilters will understand when I say that was all it took!  I knew I needed to do more quilting!  Just a few weeks ago I started work on my first lap quilt.  I finished the topper and backing last week and am working up the courage to attempt quilting it.  Assuming this turns out as I envision, it will be DD’s birthday gift when she turns 1 on February 10th.  It seems fitting - her first birthday, my first actual quilt.   I am thankful for all the quilting blogs out there that offer so many amazing tutorials and tips, including Natalia’s!  They make learning this new craft not only easier, but also more enjoyable!
My first lap quilt topper - Wild Thing pattern by Thimble Blossoms using fabrics from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom line
Craft time is what keeps me sane in between changing diapers, tantrums, and teething.  I get to focus on something just for me every time I pick up a needle to stitch or lower the presser foot on my sewing machine.  I exhale, shut the world out, and have a little “mommy time.”  And I know from reading so many amazing craft blogs out there, I’m not the only!
Thank you Natalia for inviting me to be a guest blogger, and for all your help and tutorials.  And thank you to all the crafty bloggers out there from whom I have learned so much and been so inspired!  Happy stitching to all!
~Thank you Kim, I really enjoyed reading about you! I love all of your stitching projects and your fist quilt is darling!!
You can read more about Kim on her blog Stitchful Thinking.

FYI... I get to be a guest blogger today over @ Sew Inspired. Head over to Vicki's blog and you can read a little bit about me! Thanks Vicki!

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  1. Oh the quilt is beautiful.


  2. Thanks again Kim! I totally understand how you feel. Becoming a stay at home mom was a big change for me and I think the blogging/crafting community has kept me some what level headed! :)

  3. Hi Kim!
    Add me to the list of mamas who needs a creative outlet and sense of connection with the world out there. :)

    I really want to make that quilt soon... yours is so cute!

  4. I love the quilt... and the dress with matching bum cover is adorable.


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