L'Amore E'Bello

 Kathleen, Whitnee and I designed this L'Amore E'Bello wall hanging.
Tutorial will be available next week!

This picture doesn't show the quilting really well so I took a couple of close ups.

This is the lower left corner.

This is the upper right corner.

Whitnee is going to hang this in her home so she wanted to have more blues and browns rather than the reds that were originally on the panel.

I do realize that we've spelled L'Amoure different than how Sandy Gervais has spelled it.
There is a reason behind this.
Do you know what L'Amore E'Bello means?
Do you know what language it is?
I will tell the answers tomorrow!

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  1. I cheated and had to look it up :)

    I am SO happy to see this tutorial!! I bought this panel the minute it became available as I just adore it!

    Would love to be able to make this...

    Thank you


  2. I am guessing it's Italian for Love is Beautiful.

    Darling quilt, I think I like the blues and browns better too. I haven't even seen this panel before, but I need one now!

  3. The quilt is spectacular and the quilting is simply amazing!

  4. I just bought this panel and want to make a quilt so this is perfect timing!

  5. very cute! you guys did a great job.

  6. omigoodness so pretty!!!! at first I thought the panel was all applique! I really super love your quilting! I'd love to see you quilting in action someday :)

  7. ooohhhh goodie! I will look for it next week ;) I loved it the first time I saw it - and even more with those awesome closeups!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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