L'Amore E'Bello Wall Hainging Tutorial

L'Amore E'Bello Wall Hanging Tutorial
Finished size: 37"x48"
Materials needed:
1/2 yard blue (blush material)
Start with you L'Amour panel
Trim the panel down to 20.5"x32" as shown in the image above.

From your brown material cut 6 - 3.5" strips and 3 - 2.5" strips.
From your blue, white and pink materials cut one 2.5" strip.
Sew your strips together as shown in the image above.
Attach a 3.5" border to your panel.
From your blocks, add borders to the two sides.
Now add top and bottom borders as shown in the image above.
Now add 3.5" borders to the top and bottom.
Add the last 3.5" borders to the sides.
Using our starch applique tutorial print off the words L'Amore E'Bello (love is beautiful in Italian) and applique them on.
Walla! The top is complete!
Now quilt, bind and enjoy!
I had a little but of fun machine quilting this wall hanging. I did a little bit of extra quilting but I love how it turned out!

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  1. This was such a fun and quick project! Thanks for doing such an amazing quilting job! I love it hanging over my couch!

  2. i love how you did the border with strips, sooo easy and fast.

  3. It's so pretty. Great tutorial.

  4. I like the brown better then the red on this. Good job!

  5. That is so cute! I might have to get my hands on this panel....

  6. Thank YOU!!! It looks great and I need to get some more of the L'Amour fabrics..... :)


  7. you need to make a kit available for all of us who don't have access to this yummy fabric!

  8. This is a great use of that panel! I love the light blue with the pink, white and brown. Now if that Blush fabric would just come in. Hurry up Moda!


  9. oh way cute!

    I don't usually like panels, but I love this.

  10. Could I buy a kit for this quilt from you? How much would it be? One more thing. Could you substitute red for the turquoise? I think this is so pretty and creative.

  11. I'm so excited to make this. I don't usually do panels but I couldn't resist when I saw what a wonderful quilt it made! Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. I'm with NRNOODLE - do you sell the kit for this?


  13. i wannna try this one! thanks for sharing! :D

  14. I like your works, they are beautiful.


    have a good day



  15. Where can I get this Panel been trying for some time now ?


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