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Yesterday after finishing my quilted name tag (and while waiting for the UPS man to bring my thread so I could work on my long arm machine, which he never came:( ) I decided to repair this little stroller.

I bought this little stroller for my daughter last year for her 1st birthday.
It's gotten some really really good use.

Like Chesney pushing her cousin Lexie around.
Anyways, this thing has had it.
This year for Christmas Santa brought my daughter a new little stroller. On Christmas night my husband went to throw the old stroller away and I just couldn't part with it. (Since I paid a whole $10 for it at Wal-Mart)
So, today I decided to repair it.

I used some Birdie fabric and a little bit of ric rac and walla, now we've got two doll strollers! Maybe we can share one with little miss Lexie!
So what do you think? Did I just waste my time repairing this little stroller?

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  1. No way! I bought my daughter a similar stroller because it could fold up and we could take it easily to Grandma's house. I don't like the fabric design on mine though, and I've often thought about re-doing it. Thanks for the motivation!

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  3. I think it is cute and it's never a bad thing repairing something to keep it out of landfills :) Sorry had to fix it LOL.

  4. I need a lesson! I have one that is broken too - I'm too cheap to buy a new one. I've been thinking it would probably be easy to make a new seat - did you just take the old one off and use it for a pattern?

  5. My daughter just got one, and she adores it. Hmmm...maybe you are subconsciously hoping to have another girl soon, so you will NEED two??

  6. I fixed my daughter's stroller like that many times. She's 11 now but we still can't part with it! LOL

  7. I bought the exact stroller for my granddaughter's "babies". It was one of the best investments I've ever made. Sure I've had to fix it a couple of times but that is cause she likes to sit in it and move herself around with her feet. I don't think I could part with it, even if she would.

  8. It is never a waste of time when you can "re-new" something and get more use out of it. It is nice to see because I think people throw away too many things that could be repaired and used a lot longer.

  9. It's never a waste of time repairing something, and you have done a great job.

  10. Hi Natalia,
    What a great idea. I love the fabric you've used. Certainly not a waste :)

  11. are you kidding me??? I love it. Specially it looks so much better and cuter with fashion.. Nice idea. and nice way to save money! :) now you can become a toy/furniture designer.. ha ha

  12. No way, you rock! My dd has a stroller like that too. How did you do it??

  13. Waste of time? NEVER! Your little one now has her very own DESIGNER stroller. There's not another one like it. Well, that is until you fix another one. Ha!

    I wish I had been on the ball like that and fixed my girls' strollers. We've been through at least 4 of them and that's just in the past couple of years.

  14. I have one of those strollers and my sister fixed the original seat for me once. Now it's broken again, and I've been thinking of making a new, sturdier seat. Looks great!

  15. So cute... it's way better than the original.


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