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Hi everyone! I'm Amy from amylouwho and I'm so happy Natalia asked me to be a guest today!  Thanks for having me!

I started sewing when I was. . . well, I can't remember how old I was, and I just asked my mom and she doesn't remember either.  I think I was around 8...  I do remember I had a little beginner chain stitch machine.  Some of my first projects were little drawstring bags.  I distinctly remember using a little yellow calico with red and blue flowers and some red satin ribbon.  I've actually had a hankering to make some more drawstring bags. . . . but I digress.

I grew up with a mother who sewed.  She made a lot of my clothes and I distinctly remember the year she made all of us our bathing suits for swim team - all of us being 5 boys and me.  I don't think she slept much.  I sewed through junior high and high school making drawstring shorts and easy things like that.  I worked at a fabric store my last 2 years of high school and started venturing into more garment making.   At that time my mom started quilting a lot more. In fact, I took a quilt-in-a-day class with her and we made a trip around the world quilt that I still love, but needs a little TLC.

I sewed a little in college, but I didn't have a machine readily available and I grew up (read: filled out) and didn't easily fit most patterns without some tricky alterations.  So aside from a few easy baby quilts, I had a good 10 year hiatus in my sewing.

This is the first quilt I finished as a re-born sewist!  You can read about it here.

About 4 years ago, I met a good friend and amazing sewist who got me back into it.  I acquired (thanks mom!) a great basic sewing machine and have caught the sewing fever again.  Part of the allure, I have to admit, is that fabric has come a LONG way since that little yellow flowered calico I used.  Amy Butler is my fabric muse.  This is the fabric that changed me.

I designed and made this bag shortly after my son was born 2 years ago.  Since then I have made over 20 of these as gifts and for sale.  I really enjoy the process of choosing fabric and making something for someone that I know will enjoy it.

So there's a short (or not-so-short) history of me and sewing.  How about a top ten list?

Top Ten Things I've learned Since I Started Sewing Again (in no particular order)
10.  If you are going to spend quality time making something beautiful, it's important to use quality materials.
9.  Make what you like, even if it's for sale.  That way you will enjoy the process every time.
8.  Sewing and gifting to people I know is THE BEST.
7. Your mom may have thought she taught you everything she knows, but might have left a few things out...(maybe I just wasn't paying attention).  Don't be afraid to ask or google whatever it is you are trying to figure out.
6. As nice as ordering fabric online is, it's good to touch it and see the actual colors in person.
5. Teaching people to sew and watch them get excited about it is so fun!
4. The sewing-blogging community is amazing, and I love the motivating, supportive and creative outlet it is.
3. Amy Butler is my idol.  I would be more star-struck to meet her than anyone.
2. Beautiful fabric can transform your home in the form of pillows, quilts, curtains, and wall art.
1. Creating really is an integral part of who we are and is so satisfying!  There's nothing like that point when you have just finished a project and you see your vision, the fabric and pattern all come together - Bliss!

I host a weekly Sew & Tell on Fridays where you can link up a sewing project you finished during the week.  I'd love to have you participate tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!  Come on by, I'd love to meet you!

~Thanks for your guest post today Amy! I really enjoyed reading about you! I think I first came across your blog from your Sew & Tell. I love the Sew & Tell, it's very inspiring to me! Thanks again Amy!

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  1. wow,amy. how impressive to be singled out and spotlighted. you really have taken this wonderful creative thing and run wild with it. your work is beautiful and meticulous.

  2. AMY,thanks for sharing your intro again. I am new to blogging and don't really know everybody. Thanks to Natalia for sharing you with us. I am follower of both now. Thanks, Steph

  3. Congrats for being a great guest. I loved reading all about you and learning more. Thank you Natalia for hosting this. It is great.

  4. Great guest post. I'm back sewing after my HS home ec class 30 years ago (gulp!). Yup, it's come a long way in the 30 years. I agree sewing and gifting the pieces is what I love the best!


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