I'm A Workaholic!

I was informed last night, at 11:30pm while checking my Facebook page that I am a workaholic. I guess that it's not much of a turn on when I'm checking my work in bed...... My husband is sure that I'm going to die early due to working to death. My response was, well at least my grave will be very warm and soft.
So really..... This made me think. Maybe I need to analyze how I am spending my time.
Here's how the typical day goes for me.
7:45am Wake up, generally to my husband taking a shower and my daughter running around yelling juice.
8:00am Get something for breakfast and head to my in-home office. Usually I eat breakfast at my computer while reading e-mails.

(I don't know why this picture has really bad lighting.)
Generally it takes me until about 10:00am to get finished updating the blog, fulfilling orders & responding to e-mails.
10:00am start quilting. I generally work at my long arm machine from 10:00 until two or three. There is always a lunch break, lots of potty breaks (yes, she is potty trained now!) and a couple of check my e-mail breaks.
2:00pm I fulfill the last orders for the day then head to the post office.

3:00pm Back to the long arm machine. If I am caught up on machine quilting then I get to go have some fun on my conventional.

  YUP, I still sew at my dining room table. We just eat right around my machine, it has a permanent home on the table.
Anytime between 7:00pm and 8:00 I give Ches a bath and eat dinner and get her ready for bed.
Hubbie usually arrives home anytime between 7:00 & 9:00. Depending on the time I sometimes eat dinner with Ches.
Then I try to not work for a little while.
9:00-10:00 or 11:00 I work on website, blog and any tutorials.

So when you see a typo you know why. With this very active little girl running around all day I usually can sit down at the computer late at night.
There is my normal day.....
So what do you think? When I started typing it down I started realizing that I may just be working too much....eeeekkkk.
How does your day usually go?
Are you going to die a early, but warm and soft death like me?

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  1. That's a nice longarm you have!
    Just call yourself passionate!

  2. Long Arms have to make it so much easier! Seems like a normal day at our house too, however with three kids and busy school schedules like yours my day is crammed full. Beautiful Quilt

  3. My day depends on when I have to work. I have a 50 hour a week job and sometimes my shifts are 10:00-8 or 3pm - 1 or 2am or it is 7-5. I do not have a set schedule. My husband also works for the same company but he has a set schedule. We haven't had a day off together in 2 months so it is hard to get together time.

  4. HAH! Yes I am! I think the problem is that you LOVE what you do...it's hard to think of it as work, so it's hard to take time off. HOWEVER...you and I both could probably do with some DOWNTIME! So feel free to schedule some of that in!

  5. My days are (almost) always different with the same theme. Being that my longarm isn't at home, but in the quilt shop, I often have to stop what I'm doing to help customers, answer the phone, run to the bank, etc. I spend 5-12 hours per day on the longarm and anything that's leftover piecing/appliqueing/embellishing/etc. on my domestic, dreaming up or working on designs, cutting kits blogging (it's new) etc. I sleep about 4 hours a day. I'm a workaholic too so even if we do die early and have a warm and soft grave, we know we're not alone!
    PS - I just found you so hello!

  6. Wow Natalia you really do work hard! At least you're employed doing something you love. That has to help :)

  7. Natalia I really love that you sew at your dining room table! We don't have a dining room yet but my sewing machine has it's own spot on my big kitchen table to!! I'm going to work to death to but maybe not quilting as a social worker. I wish I could quilt all day though! I have so many bolts of fabric & projects that i'm not sure if they will ever get done! Dreaming for a long arm as well but also to learn how to quilt the tops of my quilts on my own! Everything comes with time I guess. I've learned so much from your blog I love it!

  8. Are you asking for more emails to respond to? My day goes a lot like yours, sewing around everything else. Although you have a business and I just play around :D If your job is not stressful I wouldn't worry about dying early!

  9. When my kids were young, that was what my day was like, and I am still alive;) The thing I remind myself, is to take a day once in a while, not to work or worry about things, you have to day off.


  10. My sewing machine is permanently at the kitchen table, too.

    My days... I get up and get one kid off to school, then come home and sometimes I exercise or write.

    At 11:30 I have to focus on getting my kindergartener ready to go, then drop him off by 12:25 or so. Then I come home and have 3 hours with just me and my toddler girl. She's started to move to just afternoon naps and I have to lay down with her to get that started. So I fit in my sewing and blogging and emailing in between.

    I have to go get the boys at 3:30 so my day is really divided into chunks divided by driving to the school. After school I help them with homework and focus on dinner... these days I don't have a lot of time for my sewing/blog work after school. :)

  11. haha your funny! I Love how you had to type it out and you had to show us where things are! I'm a visual person so that helped me out by putting pictures up so I can see how you do things and where Chesney is all the time. Believe me if I had a job like that it would be the same way. Except for my job is hair. I can only do hair though when I have a sitter and/or Sam is home to watch them. I'm sure Chesney is quite content chilling rather than my 2 ADHD children! :) ha ha at least you will die in comfort and warmness (if that's a word!)

  12. wow, busy busy! I find that the older my son gets, he just turned two, the less I can sew when he is awake. He is so busy too, and he hates it when I sit at the computer. He is always telling me, mommy, close it! ( the laptop ) So now I find that the only time I can sew is during naptime. Any other time I am interacting with him, or sleeping because I've been interacting with him!

  13. As I said on Facebook I think it's great that you have a job you enjoy as not many people can say that. Having read this post though I would just add - make sure you're not missing out on the little one while you're working, they grow up so quickly and you'll regret not making the most of them, you can't get the time back, take care, Lis xx

  14. Love the long arm!! Jelous too. I need to find somewhere close to do my quilting. It's so nice reading this post and realizing you are a mom to a wee one about the same age as my youngest. I have 5 monsters, um munckins though. I also space sewing/cleaning/cooking with snuggles on the couch and computer time :)

  15. Our days are spend homeschooling and having good time together. I do a lot of sewing with the kids. We are now making some cute potholders to raise money for Haiti.
    Our youngest son raises hens and sell the eggs. Our daugther bakes bread and sell it. It keeps us very busy :-)
    At night, we try to have family time together with dad.

  16. I'm right there with you! Cute pic of Chesney :)

  17. So nice to sneak a peek into your life! I love seeing where the magic happens and your cute daughter! You have an awesome and inspiring work ethic that I truly admire! I hope to work from home running my business like you in the future :) Congrats to your many success and future fun times!


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