What does L'Amore E'Bello mean?

Yesterday I asked the question What does L'Amore E'Bello mean?
Well a few of you got it right, I'm very impressed. It means "Love is beautiful" in Italian. My dad speaks Italian so he helped come up with the saying.
Do you remember back here when I had a date with my seam ripper?
Well, the new border is on and the quilt is actually on my long arm machine as we speak... I really like the new border and can't wait until the 17th when I can share all of the pictures over at Moda Bake Shop.

Speaking of that, I need to get back to quilting!
What have you been working on?
Do you have any quilts in the process of being quilted right now?

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  1. Hey Natalia! I've been working on a hoodie dress for my little girl... tweaking the pattern just a little bit. I'm making some coasters to try out an idea and will be quilting them today!

  2. Hi Natalia! I love all of your quilts by the way. I am a new quilter and have pieced and quilted 4 quilts so far. I have used the "stitch in the ditch" quilting method for all of my quilts, but I find that my stitches aren't always even or straight. Will this just come with more practice or do you have any tips? Thanks!

  3. I'm working on a L'Amore jelly roll that I got from you and making THREE table runners. Love the fabric!

  4. i am just about to start basting a quilt i made with all wonderland fabrics. i prepped yesterday but somehow today got away from me and i have not started it yet.

  5. I have two quilts in progress but have been doing a lot of other crafts like bags and dresses!

  6. yay! 2nd moda bake shop quilt!!!!


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