Sewing on Sundays

Sundays are the best day to actually sew for me. Kathleen usually will help me if its on Sunday and she's not busy with her full time job or school. (Yup, she's amazing, she is balancing a full time job, going to school and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, a family and helping me.)
Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday afternoon.

Kathleen was ironing a whole lot of half square triangles while I was sewing.
(This is your sneak peak for my next Moda Bake Shop quilt.)
Brad, was busy watching two football games.
Chesney & her uncle were busy building forts. Did you know how handy quilting supplies, like rolls of batting and quilts can come in handy for forts?

How do you spend your Sundays? Do you get lots of sewing done or is Sunday your break from sewing?

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  1. Yes, I take a break from sewing on Sunday. My Grandma and Momma would turn over in their graves if I sewed on Sunday. They always told me I'd have to pick out all the stitches I made on Sunday when I get to heaven.
    Funny how those 'old wives tales' can haunt you...

  2. I sewed, worked on a wood piece and braided. Braiding is my relaxing time at night, I can sit and watch tv, while I work on it.


  3. I made my nametag for my Quilter's Guild meeting. Thursday is my first offical meeting! I'm so excited!

  4. On Sunday, we met up with my daughter and grandson, Sharon and Oden, and went to see Kooza, a Cirque du Soleil touring show, in Orange County. It was great. It took most of the day, driving back and forth, and having dinner, afterwards.

  5. I loved Mary's comment. That was what my mom said to except our version was if you sewed on Sunday you would have to pick out the stitches with your nose when you got to heaven.

  6. I sort of ditched church yesterday to sew! It was so relaxing and I was able to finish a quilt top for my upcoming two year olds bday! Heres the link of a picture...http://jillstewartmomofalltrades.blogspot.com/2010/01/gavins-now-birthday-quilt.html. Thank you for inspiring me to quilt!

  7. Yesterday was a very productive sewing day for me - today, I haven't touched my machine! Forts are best with quilts :)

  8. sometimes I sew on Sunday, I do often take a break from sewing and my blog on Sunday though :)

  9. I was useless Sunday and besides watching the kids, mostly just watched stuff on NetFlix and cuddled with DH. No sewing to speak of :(
    Now I'm going to have to build a fort with my son after seeing this!

  10. When do we get to see this new quilt of yours on Moda Bake Shop? I want to make it! It's the one Chesney's fort is made with, right? What fabric did you use?


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