Seeing Stars

One of my sweet customers pieced both of these Buggy Barn Star quilts.

I machine quilted both of them for her and I love how they turned out. Super cute!
I think the reason I love Buggy Barn quilt is because this is where I started to love piecing.
Have you ever made a Buggy Barn quilt?

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  1. Love these quilts! I have several buggy barn patterns but I haven't had a chance to make one yet. I am hoping for a baby boy someday so I can do the star one for his cowboy room! LOVE THEM!

  2. Homespun and stars nothing better!

  3. Buggy Barn is in my neighborhood, ok at least the same county as me, such a cute shop, darling quilts!

  4. Those are darling. I have not ever made a buggy barn quilt. Yet. :)

  5. I so LOVE Buggy Barn Quilts!!! So, so, so love them! ♥

  6. Oh jeez, that reminds me that the second star quilt has been on my to do list for YEARS! Better get right on that, hehe. Beautiful job!

  7. I love those quilts! I haven't made a buggy barn quilt but I'm thinking I need to now.

  8. I do love their quilts, but have not made one yet.
    I am still trying to finish what I have done and tons of new ones to do, so hopefully I can make one this year.


  9. Your valentines quilt on Moda is adorable. And I'm definitely going to try your applique method sometime. Darling Blog!

  10. I love both these quilts. They look wonderful. I have never made one. But I think they are definitetly in my future.

  11. cute quilts!

    still need to make a buggy barn quilt, they have really cute hearts, stars, little boy trucks, and flowers.... just another quilt to add to my list.

  12. I absolutely love the first quilt. I have never even heard of The Buggy Barn so I googled them so I could buy the pattern. I just ordered it and I am thrilled. Thanks for posting this and tell your customer thank you for the inspiration. :)


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