The Way a Quilter Spends a Saturday

 I had a hot date today! LOL! I had my next Moda Bake Shop quilt all pieced, borders on, ready to start quilting. I laid it out on the floor and decided that I HATED the borders that I had added. So I spent a good few hours with my best friend.

The seam ripper. Not really my best friend, well really I hate the seam ripper but I hated the border more! So I made a new border with totally different materials and I'm much happier with it!
Here's a sneak peak at my next Moda Bake Shop project.

This quilt will be on Moda Bake Shop on January 17, 2010.
How was your Saturday? Hopefully you didn't have a hot date with your seam ripper! :)

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  1. i cant wait to see that quilt!! your blog inspires me! i spent the day making a wood mod podge project, but while its drying im eyeing fabric for a new quilt. happy saturday!

  2. Reverse sewing is so much more fun with friends. Wish you would have called me, I'd have come over to help rippit, rippit, rippit! I can't wait to see this quilt at Moda Bake Shop soon!


  3. ooh, it looks like it's going to be a good one. :) can't wait to see it. Sorry you had to spend so much time w/ the seam ripper. I got a brand new one with my new machine and it broke already :(--I need to get a new one, a sturdy one, I guess.

  4. Oh no! My seam ripper and I are very well acquainted. I quite like that term reverse sewing though... makes it sound like it has more purpose than just plain old unpicking.

    Looking forward to seeing this in the Moda Bake Shop!

  5. I think Im seeing something Valentine-y happening here....its going to be cute, I can tell!

  6. Hi Natalia,
    I do so agree (re seam ripper), but then I hate it even more when I cannot find it. It just frustrates me how long it takes to undo.
    Looking forward to seeing your quilt at the bakeshop :)

  7. Can't wait until your quilt is revealed. Your quilts are always so darn cute!

  8. I guess having a date with someone you hate is a small price compared to hating a quilt forever. :) Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  9. Ugh! I know that all too well! But better now than later! Do you know about "unsewing" with a rotary cutter? very helpful for long straight seams - like a border!

  10. I am looking forward to seeing your new quilt!!!. My Saturday was spent at work from 3pm-1:30am. We had some laughter at our closing shifts so it wasn't too bad.

  11. I had a nice seam ripper date today too. Attributed mostly to awful instructions on the pattern I was working with. I ended up taking the whole thing apart after several tries of actually following the instructions. Once I did it my way, it was quick and easy! Thank goodness for free tutorials by people like you. That's the last time I pay that much for a pattern.

  12. Your sneek peek was very enticing can't wait to see it on Modabakeshop. I think I'll have a bit of a chuckle though when I see the border and think of your reverse sewing date. Annie

  13. The other name for my seam ripper is my "un-sewer." Gotta love it!

  14. No hot date with a seam ripper .... nope, my hot date was with the washing machine. Your date sounds better (more productive for sure!) than mine .... since now you're finished that quilt but the laundry ..... never ending!!!

    Anyway ... can't wait to see your quilt ... looks very CUTE !!!!

  15. while it isn't fun to take seams out.. sometimes you have to trust your gut!


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