Modern Quilt Guild in Utah!

I have been stalking the Modern Quilt Guilds. I first heard about them when Julie started talking about starting one in her area. A couple of you even contacted me saying I should start one. But I just don't feel that the time is right for me.
So finally yesterday I saw that there is now a Modern Quilt guild in Salt Lake City! Yay! I will have to drive for about an hour to get there but I don't mind! I'm just so excited!!!
The Modern Quilt Guild
Have you attended a Modern Quilt Guild?
Have you heard of these Modern Quilt Guilds?

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  1. That is awesome! Getting together with like minded people is definitely worth an hour's drive. Have fun!

  2. The KC Modern Quilt Guild met last weekend. It was great to meet with like minded quilters. I wish I had one closer since KC is a three hour drive but for now... I bet you'll have a GREAT time!

  3. I bet the Salt Lake group will be awesome. I was also at the KC one on Saturday, it was fun!

  4. I just joined! :D Hopefully I can work it out into my schedule! :D

  5. I currently drive almost an hour to the LA MQG, and let me tell you-- SO WORTH IT! It will change your life... at least it has changed mine! I have found "my people!"

  6. I wish I could find one in the middle of Michigan. I hope you have fun with yours.

  7. I din't know such a group exited. Thank you for the information. I just joined the Inland Valley group and emailed a friend to do the same.

  8. havnt heard of the modern quilt quilds before??? would love to learn more about them. I went with my mom to the local one, and it was...kind of boring.

  9. There is one in KC but it is too far for me, I wish it wasn't.

  10. Thanks for helping get the work out. I have high hopes for his group.

  11. oh an hour won't feel like anything once you are there!! i'm glad there will be one close to you that you can go & enjoy!

  12. That's so cool! I need to look for one here in my area....

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