Hoping to adopt.

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Let me introduce you. This is Sara & Dan, Sara is my sweet cousin who is married to Dan. They are the cutest couple and they are looking to adopt.
This is a part from their adoption profile.
We write you this letter with many mixed emotions. We are so excited to be first time parents and to finally have a child of our own, and yet we know that this must be a very difficult time in your life. We cannot fully comprehend all that you’re going through, but we do know that this is truly a great sacrifice on your behalf, and we know that without loving and courageous birth parents like you, couples like us could never have children of our own. So we respect you, we love you, and we thank you for bringing your child to the earth. We pray for you each day, and hope that you will find peace and comfort as you seek to find the best family for your child.
We want to tell you a little about our family and our lives together. We met 7 years ago at a party held by some mutual friends. The crazy thing is, before we met we were both engaged to other people! But things didn’t work out for either of us and we both called off our weddings. It was in our “recovery” time that we met. Neither of us were looking for a relationship right away, so we started out as friends and we became best friends before we ever started to date. It didn’t take long for Sara to fall in love with Dan’s quick wit and great sense of humor, and Dan was smitten by Sara and her bubbly personality from the day they met. We ended up dating for about a year, and we were married on October 26th, 2002.
To read more about Sara & Dan click here.
Please keep these two in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. They are a cute couple. I hope their dreams come true soon.

  2. Best wishes to the both of them on their journey into parenthood. They are a beautiful couple and I hope this process goes easy for them.

  3. I'm hopeful that someone will come into their life. Please let them know I wish them well.

  4. What a beautiful couple! Adoption changed our lives, I hope it will for them as well.

  5. I have a sister that placed a baby boy just over 11 years ago. I also have some dear friends that couldn't have their own children and after some time they were blessed with a beatiful baby girl. Prayers for them! I hope their dreams come true soon.

  6. Natalia.. I might have some information for your cousin. I know that Whitnee had metioned to us about her when we got a call about Peyton's mom that had a little girl back in March. I was actually going to call our social worker that worked with us with Peyton to see what was going on. I was kinda looking into it again but not too sure on what's been going on. I also have the names of the 2 agencies we were going through. 1 we put our paperwork in and the other one we were researching it out. that one had a faster turn time on getting a baby. Let me know. Good luck to them and the best advise is to get you name out there and let EVERYONE know your adopting. someone of someone knows somebody!! :) Good luck

  7. Natalia, you are the BEST! Thanks so much for posting this for us. You are so thoughtful and generous... we feel very blessed. Thanks again, I just know something has to turn up, sometime :)

    Love, Sara

  8. Natalia, I will say a prayer for your family, there are adorable. I work as a NICU at Johns Hopkins and know that adoption works. I see it first hand on a regular basis. God bless, Steph

  9. My brother and SIL just adopted my niece, Molly, this July.

    Godspeed to Sara and Dan and their sweet little babe coming together. :)


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