Have you ever done anything really dumb?

This is really random.
While I am machine quilting I have a lot of time to think to myself. a lot.
I've been working on a really big quilting project recently, so I've had even more time to think.
Today I was thinking about the DUMBEST things I've ever done.
What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?

So, I hate putting gas in my car.
I've always hated it!
When I learned how to drive I had a new beetle.
It was fun and cute, still didn't want to put gas in it.
My dad would get so mad.
Two different times on the way home from High School I ran out of gas.
One, I ran out in the middle of the street, in front of our neighbors house.
So, I got out and walked home.
Left my car in the middle of the street!
Uhm..... DUMB.....
Today while I was driving I noticed that the gas light in my truck was on.
Did I stop at the gas station?
I seriously thought to myself.
I hope Brad will drive it next and fill it.
I love him!
I hope he doesn't read this...
He might be mad that I intentionally left the gas light on :)

So, what is the dumbest thing you've ever done?
Do  you dare admit it?

P.S. I have been working on a huge quilting project and it's finished!!!
Now I'll have quilts that I can share again.
No more lame posts!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I hate putting gas in the car too! I think I've done it fewer than a half dozen times in the last 3 years! My hubby knows and he always keeps the car filled up for me :)

    What's the dumbest thing I've ever done...?? Hmmm....there are so many! Okay, actually this one is easy. Forging a teacher's signature in high school. It got my suspended for 3 days. I still kind of think that was super harsh since I had never been in trouble before. But DUMB! Very dumb!

  2. ok, I seriously did this just a couple months ago. My excuse is that I have an 18 month old that usually wakes me up 1-2 times per night, every night since birth...so my lack of sleep is to blame. but anyway, I sewed the whole binding on a quilt to the back! I went to hand sew it and realize, oh wow, I really screwed up and did this wrong! Had to rip it all out and start over. And that is only ONE of MANY dumb things I've done more recently! But that's all I can think of right now!

  3. I have never filled my tank, lol.
    I hate the smell of the gas, so I make sure my husband keeps my tank at least half full for me;)
    Once I had to stop at a station and stood there, look dumb, until the attendant came out and did it. This was at a self serve, I am bad.


  4. I hate getting gas too! And I ran my beetle out of gas more than once too!

    One time, I was actually going to get some gas, I had been on empty for about 50 miles, so I finally stopped. It was in the middle of January, the the auto-pop hatch froze shut on my gas tank. So I ended up being late to work so I could go home and blow dry my latch until it was de-thawed enough to open. (I don't blame this on me being dumb, I blame it on my beetle)

  5. I have filled my car with gas, once in my life (& I've been around for awhile) & it wasn't a pleasent experience. I don't go far & a tank usually lasts me 6-8 weeks, but my husband, who insisted I learn, now always volunteers to go fill it for me.
    I have this thing that I'm afraid I'm going to get gas on me-actually it's probably more than a thing!

  6. Hmm - I'll have to think of a doozey, but I too have done really stupid stuff...but I totally the thinking while machine quilting thing... there's all sorts of time for your brain to go elsewhere when that's happening! Maybe next time I'm quilting I think of the stupidest thing I've ever done! ;-)

  7. I have done many stupid things! Like once while we were getting ready to move...I was tired and not paying attention while driving. I got to close to a mailbox and my passenger side mirror hit the mailbox! Yeah, it blew it right off! I kept going....just lived right around the corner and went in crying! DH went to the man's house where I hit it. The man's reply was....you can't hurt that mailbox it's made of 1/2" steel! So.....$300 + later I got my mirror fixed! Pretty Stupid!!

  8. Dumb moment on Sunday afternoon. Attached the 1/4 inch foot on my sewing machine, hit and the gas...not very healthly sounds start eminating from the machine. I had forgot that the stitch was set to zig zag and not straight stitching. Broken needle and a 1/4 inch foot that no longer attaches to the machine. Uh oh. So now I am without sewing machine while it is in hospital.

  9. With that face, I can see why he forgives you. (great picture) :)

    Dumb...I backed in to my dad's pick-up when I was in high school in the drive-way... (in my defense, the windows were fogged up and he parked in a different than usual spot!)

    I'm sure there are many, many more. :)

  10. Yup, my dumb thing is car-related, too. A couple of years ago, I had to go in to work on a Sunday. Went out, started the car to warm it up (was in January), and got out to scrape the windshield. As soon as I closed the door, I realized I'd locked it.

    Locked out of the car, with it running. Also locked out of my house. Bless my awesome neighbor who let me come in and use her phone to call a co-worker to open for me and my husband to come and open the car! Definitely one of the bigger "D'oh!" moments in my recent past.

  11. Dumbest thing ever... how much time have you got? I just yelled at my daughter the other day because I was convinced she was doing something wrong, and guess who was really wrong? Me, of course. So not only is that dumb but mean too. Bad Mama.

    But one of my favorite dumb things is this: In college, I was a theatre major and we had to take a class in stage makeup. One of the lessons was to make your nose "bigger" somewhere, like on the brigde (think Barbara Streisand). Well, I'm walking by the class & people are walking in & out showing the professor, going to fix their mistakes so he could look again, etc. and I see this girl with the PERFECT "adjusted" nose. I looked at her, grabbed her by the shoulders and looked closely at her face, and said, "Oh my gosh, your nose looks AMAZING!"

    To which she replies, "I don't have makeup on. This is my real nose." She was the professor's assistant. I'd never met her before.

    I'm #1! I'm #1!!

  12. I hate putting petrol (gas) in my car too. My husband always fills it up for me too but if he is not around I drive on empty while I put it off and make excuses. I haven't run out yet.

  13. I try to forget those DUMB moments. I'll ponder and get back to you if I remember one (LOL). I like to listen to audio books or my favorite music on my iPod while I sew. Sometimes I watch/listen to the T.V. Being alone with my thoughts for too long can be scary sometimes (LOL).

  14. I read it.......and now your done with your HUGE quilting project you have time to go put gas in the truck!!!


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