I Quilted my Heart Out Today!

This is one of my customers quilts. She brought it to me and told me to make it really pretty.
It's for her daughters wedding next week.
This is a little bit of the front.
I will share the rest tomorrow when I can take some pictures with good lighting.
This is the back of the quilt.
I really might have a hard time giving this quilt back.
I love the quilting.
So until Monday, when the owner of this quilt comes to pick it up, I will stare.
This quilt is layed out on my floor right now and I'm enjoying it!
Come back tomorrow to see the front.
The before and after pictures.
I hope you like what I've done as much as I do!

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  1. I love it too. Absolutely beautiful. But this is definitely one that the quilting makes this quilt beautiful.


  2. Love the quilting, I'd struggle to give that back too! LOL. I can't wait to see the front of it. What a beautiful wedding gift from mother to daughter, I'm sure it will be treasured and become a family heirloom. :-)

  3. Natalia, this is an absolute work of art. You are an amazing woman who is creating beauty that will last for generations. Thank you (and your client) for sharing! ♥

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  5. Ok, I keep telling you that I love what you do. I am so amazed by this one and I don't think you will ever do anything that will disappoint me:)

  6. You are just awesome!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  7. This looks awesome! It is so great to get on here and see your work! You should be so proud!Looking forward to tomorrows photos!

  8. Wow Natalia! When I churn out a quilt top that remarkable, I'm sending it straight to you for quilting!

  9. Holy WOW. That is a lot of quilting. It looks gorgeous.

  10. Awesome! Thanksk for sharing. Can't wait to see the rest of it tomorrow!

  11. Wow, Natalia, that is stunning!! Really, I sat open mouthed for a few minutes before I could type;-)

  12. love all the bubbles and feathers, lovely job!

  13. Oh, my goodness! I absolutely love the little sneak peek you've given. Can't wait to see the rest! That flower is amazing!

  14. I don't blame you for not wanting to part with it! It is beautiful!

  15. I can't wait to see the front. Beautiful quilting!!!

  16. That is just astounding! I looked more carefully, and that is thread that makes it look white!!!!
    What an AMAZING,BEAUTIFUL job!!! I am so impressed.


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