Why my job is rewarding.

Being a stay at home mom, business owner, machine quilter, wife, bookkeeper, etc... isn't always glamorous. Somedays we're doing good to get dressed, some days I don't get make up on.
Some days are very rewarding!
Some days I get to create treasures, well at least I think so.
Today was one of those days.
Well, it was one of those days that I didn't get any make up on.
I did however get to machine quilt this quilt.
I love it.
too bad I can't keep it!
Sometimes I think quilt backs can be almost as pretty as the top.
Do you like it?
Yes, it's Friday night and I'm blogging,
my husband is preparing to run a half marathon tomorrow
so we're staying home,
watching March Madness
will probably be going to bed early.

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  1. Hi Natalia!!
    This quilt is stunning!! AND your quilting takes my breath away!! This will be a heirloom quilt for sure! Good for you!! What a job!!

  2. very time consuming quilting is what it looks like. So you are fast and awesome at it. I wish I could stay at home. I say you are very lucky that you can stay at home and do something you love.

  3. Totally awesome! And good luck for your hubby tomorrow!

  4. You do such a nice job quilting!

  5. Truly a treasure! Amazing!!♥

  6. It's incredible! I'm very impressed. That is some intricate quilting... tell me you didn't do all of it in one afternoon!?!

  7. What a lovely treasure. You are so talented. I understand about the no makeup day I have quite a few of those.

  8. I am so impressed. You do beautiful work. I, too, understand about the no makeup, and getting dressed. Sometimes the artist has to step over the clutter to finish the project, sometimes she can't bother with getting dressed or eating either. Sometimes her husband comes home from work and finds her shaking, having forgotten to eat because the project has so consumed her. heh heh, I'm talking about me, and I understand the love and joy that comes from creating. Someday, I hope to get even half as good as you are.

  9. My husband works from home, so we usually take our dates in the afternoon and go to lunch together, so Friday nights are casual stay-at-home nights for us almost all the time.

    I absolutely love what you did with that quilt. I love the little circles in the center. I've seen that on quite a few quilts lately -- namely one you did not too long ago. Is there a name for that. I looks really amazing. I hope your customer loves it too. I like to look at the backs of quilts too. Oh, and some days I don't get make-up on either (lol). It's all good.

  10. your quilting is AMAZING. This looks great!

    There are many days I'm not as productive as you and I don't get makeup on either! :)

  11. Absolutely stunning. I really like it.

  12. Absolutely BREATHTAKING! Your quilting is amazing!

  13. OMG...that's just beautiful!! Both the quilt and the quilting! :0)

  14. It is so pretty..I just love those feathers.

  15. The quilt is stunning!! Really just gorgeous. Since you love the backs so much, and really who wouldn't??, why don't you do a while clothe quilt for yourself?

  16. Wow, it's so beautiful! You did an amazing job.

  17. Wow your quilting is stunning, I love the feathers, well I just love it ALL!

  18. once again, a beautiful job. I'm loving those feathers more and more!

  19. Natalie you do such amazing work! Envious!!
    I think we all have those days when the only thing that goes on our face is chap-stick. :o)
    Thank you for sharing and the inspiration. Good luck to your husband with his run.

  20. oh.my.gravy...

    That is so beautiful -- both the piecing and quilting. That will truly be a wonderful heirloom!

  21. That is breathtakingly beautiful. Fabulous quilting
    Wish you were nearer the UK!
    Chris x

  22. What beautiful quilting! I love feathers too. Your quilting makes a beautiful quilt just totally amazing. Great job!

  23. Wait... you're not supposed to just stay home on a Friday night?? Uh oh....

  24. Wow, that is absolutely stunning! I saw a pattern like that in the last issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. You've totally inspired me to want to make it now. And send it to you for quilting. WOW!!


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