I think I'm having withdrawls!

I don't think I've touched my sewing machine in two weeks...
This is just to long.
Doesn't three weeks make it a habit?
I don't want this habit!
This Saturday I'm going to sew!
I promise MYSELF!
Okay, so what to these pictures have to do with that?
The quilt above is a part of the block exchange I participated in last year.
Mine still isn't done...
This year!
I will finish it.
In the meantime I will machine quilt for my great customers!
I love this quilt!
I love the feathers on it.
I love it when I'm pushed outside of my comfort zone!
I grow from it. I become a better person, quilter and more creative when I'm pushed!
My customer wanted the above quilt quilted custom, but no stippling and the traditional feathers seemed to frilly. So I quilted these feathers AND I love it!
Click on the picture and you can see close up what I did!
Thanks for pushing me and expanding my creativity.

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  1. You are so talented. I love the feather affect on the top quilt.

  2. I feel your pain!

    Having not gotten to sew in a fortnight, I sat back down at my machine on Sunday only to discover that she really needs a service. So I took her to the shop and won't have her back before next week.

    Imagine my twitching as I walked away ...

  3. That's a nice block exchangs quilt. I really like the black/white fabric.


  4. Wonderful quilting, I was thinking of my machine last night, really need to use it more.


  5. Beautiful work as always! I love your custom work. And I hope you make it to the sewing machine :D.

  6. I really like the block exchange quilt and I really like how you quilted the bottom quilt.

  7. I know the feeling. Then it takes a while, well at least for me, to get in the rhythm of it again.

    Love the quilts and your quilting is amazing!


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