Are you labeling your quilts?

I can't say too much beause I am really bad at consistantly doing this.
However, I realize how important it is.
I (and you) spend so much time piecing, quilting and binding our quilts.
What if something happens and no one knows any history on this quilt.
Doesn't the thought of that just break your heart?
I've got a few quilts tops that were pieced by my great grandmother.
I think..
I have no idea what year.
Or really anything about the quilt.
Except the fact that they were in her house when she died.
How sad is this.

So honestly.
The only quilts of mine that currently have labels are the ones that have been in shows.
Because they had too..
I'm not so proud of this.
The above quilt is currently in the back of a UPS truck on it's way to Texas.
It was really hard to send.
I felt like I was sending my child.
But. I did add a label before I sent it.
I wanted to make sure it'd come back.

How do I label my quilts?
I use label fabric from Wal-Mart.
Print my label from my computer and stitch it on with clear thread.
I did notice over on Tracey's blog yesterday her darling label.
I love it.
I think the idea of her label would be great on quilts that I give as gifts.

Are you labeling your quilts?

One of my sweet customers made my I'm Blushing quilt!!!!!
Ahh. I'm so excited.
Then I had the privilege of machine quilting it for her.
I switched things up and quilted it a little bit different than mine and I love it!
Thanks for letting me quilt for you!
Also, head over to Whtnee's blog and see one of the quilts that I machine quilted!

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  1. now I'm blushing. :)

    I love that design. The quilting too actually. :)

    I've been really bad about labeling also... until I got those little ones. The print idea is a good one.

  2. This is a label I made recently. I used scraps from the quilt top and some of the binding to put it together, and embroidered it with some floss that matches what I plan to use to quilt it. It currently sits in a box with the top and backing fabric, waiting to be assembled.

    I really like embroidered labels, I think they add a great finishing touch to the quilt, especially for gifts. I think next time I will only use two or three strands of floss, though.

    I love the font you used on your label! Where did you find it?

  3. I like to put labels on quilts, especially gift quilts. I have two quilts that are finished and the labels are all ready to go, just not sewn on. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I do label my quilts with iron the printer printed fabric - but I also quilt my signature into each one as well. ON the small art quilts and everyday art it's just a stylized CG, but on larger quilts it's usually my name, the place and date of finish as well!

  5. I have got better at labelling. At my old quilt group when we had a quilt show a lady would go around examing labels for ones that she thought were good. You know what i have been doing lately - if I piece a quilt back I attach a label before quilting or include a piece of solid and write on that. I have read that it makes your quilt more secure if your label is also quilted onto the quilt.

  6. of course i label my quilts!! i didn't label the first 100 or so... but once i learned the importance... i've been good about labeling all my quilts! it helps to print your labels in bulk... check out my easy tutorial on doing it!

  7. You give us so many gorgeous designs, I wish I could make them all!!
    I don't label my quilts, I either forget or don't really expect them to live long enough for it to matter, like baby quilts or ones for small children, which had better be loved and used and not put away for "safe keeping". I am putting one on the quilt going to my nephew but it is a message of love not a documentation. This is all odd seeing as I have a degree in history and understand the importance of provenance etc.

  8. i don't always...i think about it but then most of the time i don't...i have never done a sew on label like that. i usually just write on the quilt

  9. I generally put labels on my quilts that I've made. I have friends all over the country so it's nice to see that they have quilts I've made from a far away state.

  10. Love this quilt and the way it's quilted. Perfect! Labels? A bit behind on the labeling thing here...not good, huh?

  11. I figure that some label is better than none and usually get at least my name and date on it! But yes I label :)

    Love your quilting!


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