Finishing up projects!

 Whitnee made this very cute floor mat using Authentic materials.
I love the idea. It makes me want to make a quilted floor mat for myself.
Yesterday was my Grandmas' birthday!
Kathleen and I surprised  her and this quilt showed up on her doorstep @ 9:09 am yesterday morning.
We gave her the kit for the wall hanging for Christmas. She doesn't do wall hangings so....... she turned it into a queen sized quilt.
I machine quilted it for her and surprised her yesterday!
I hope you like it Grandma!
Happy Birthday yesterday!

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  1. Oh, I love the Authentic quilted rug. But could I actually walk on it? I think not (lol)! And you did a great job on your Gram's quilt. I love the circles and swirls in the green borders.

  2. They are both very cute.

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  4. We have that snowman kit/panel in my shop too and I made it into a queen too! You've been busy!

  5. Thanks for quilting the rug! I think it looks really cute in Emily's room!


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