I didn't even take a picture!

This may be lame to some of you.... okay, well most of you.... 
My husband and I moved into an apartment one year ago. Since then I lost all drive to clean or cook. No, I don't live in a mess! My husband just does most of the cleaning and we eat a lot of frozen dinners.
We have a new grocery store near our home and their meat department is the best I've ever seen. On Saturday I happened to notice it and I wanted to cook again. Remember I haven't really done so in a year. Yesterday I decided to run over there and surprise my husband by actually cooking a home made dinner. I bought some Pinwheel Flank Steak, I grilled it on the BBQ, then made real mashed potatoes from the garden and then gravy from scratch! (Yes, I did have to recruit my dad for some help.)
I wish I would have taken pictures! It was so good!

So, I know that's no big deal but to me it was! I feel like I may be myself again!

Also, yesterday I finished the last one of Amy's quilts. I can't share any pictures but I felt like this was a great accomplishment! (for both me and Amy, they are done before the deadline.)

Tonight I get to work on my next Moda Bake Shop quilt! Yay! I'm so excited for this one, it just screams spring!

Aren't you just excited for spring? 
Doesn't it feel like a fresh start?

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  1. I am happy that you are going to make another Moda Bakeshop quilt!!! Good for you on the home cooking. Was your husband happy?

  2. It's funny to see this today when I just posted a homemade super easy pizza recipe on my blog! Check it out and make homemade again tonight in one hour.

  3. Glad you're taking advantage of another creative outlet - cooking. It's so much fun (sometimes). Enjoy making your quilt and congrats on the move! Wendy

  4. sounds yummy!

    let's be real... you just want to spend your time with quilty stuff rather than cooking! (I know I'm having that problem, and I used to cook all the time.)

  5. I think you just needed to move in, mentally.
    Once you feel at home again, you will get back to a routine. Look forward to seeing your moda creation.


  6. My hubby does just about all the dinner cooking too - yay for husbands who cook so we can MAKE!

  7. 'When I learned to sew I forgot how to cook.' LOL. That isn't really the case for me since I started sewing at 8, but since November I haven't been much in the mood to cook (frozen dinners for us too!) and over the past year, since I've really started to sew more, I haven't been the best, most consistent cook. So I can totally relate! Good for you. And I'm inspired. I'll bet my husband would appreciate a few more home cooked meals too!

  8. I'm glad you had fun cooking Natalia, I can't wait to see your new Bake Shop Quilt!!

  9. I think making this dinner is a big deal. I know what it's like to not want to cook, etc. ~ so when inspiration hits and you start cooking up delicious things in the kitchen and the sewing room, well, life just feels good again, doesn't it. :-D

  10. That's so nice you could finish all the quilts before the deadline for AMY. Can't wait to see them in her book. Cooking is over-rated, but my DH likes it when I finally get hungry enough to cook something good... We have Cowboy Beans in the crockpot this week.


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