I've got a dirty little secret!

I've been using pins on my applique like crazy.
Recently I learned a dirty little secret!

Glue Stic.
Yes, if you haven't used one before it sounds crazy!
But, did you know, that it's washable.
I like how it holds better than pins.
It's very convenient.
I'll be stocking up on these from now on!
So, go use my applique tutorial and instead of pins, use a glue stic!

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  1. I use a fabric stick for some pieces, especially the tiny ones, so I can fold over, before I place them down. But have never used it to hold down the piece, I should try it.


  2. I use fabric glue sticks, and I have loved it! I couldn't figure out why people used pins to pin it to the background, even after glue basting the pieces.Isn't it easier?? And soooo much less painful for a klutz like me!

  3. The only fabric glue stick I use is SewLine. I also use the SewLine fabric pencils. I love their products!

  4. I love my regular old glue stick when I am appliquing. I use the same kind as you and it works great!!

  5. lol... and i thought it was gonna be a real secret!!

  6. I use my iron a lot when doing appliqué. What does that with the glue? I sew from upper part to underneath part and in between parts I iron it flat...


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