March 30, 2010

What does March 30, 2010 mean?
I'll give you a hint.
I get to share something new on Moda Bake Shop.
Today, Kathleen came over and helped me finish adding the borders.
Thank you Kathleen!
Now, I just need to machine quilt it.
If you want to make this next quilt with me you may want to check out some Frolic material.
This new quilt is made using Frolic and it's so happy.
P.S. Frolic is this weeks weekly deal. This is your chance to stock up on Frolic material for just $7.00 per yard.

I do need help. How to you store your stash? Yesterday I opened up two of my big bags of scraps and wanted to start organizing them. I was very unsuccessful. I have way too many scraps.
What is the best way to successfully store your scraps?

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  1. I believe storing by color works the best. I have plastic bins on a shelf that have each color in them. It works for me but I am sure you have so many more scraps then me.

  2. Very cute, I adore the owls! Successfully store scraps? I think that might be an oxymoron, teehee - mine are all over the place!

  3. I have seen people use binders with the clear pockets.

  4. You have scraps!? LOL I've seen lots of plastic totes with fabric sorted by color. . . I just cram them where ever I can find room :)

  5. I keep mine in clear plastic storage bins by category. My categories are pretty general, they include: "Solid-ish", "Flannel", "Fig Tree", "Lakehouse" (because I have serious addictions to those!, and then just warm and cool colors.

    Good luck, scraps do tend to take over. I'm on a scrap busting mission, trying to use up as much as I can on table runners and baby quilts.

  6. Oh, I love it. Very fun and spring-looking.

  7. I put my scraps in a basket on the table. Then when I want a small piece of something I dig through it, lol.


  8. All of my scraps are in plastic drawers and stored by size starting at 1 1/2 inch and up. Anything smaller than 1 1/2 and or odd shaped goes into the drawer named appliques pieces

  9. Sort them by color and keeps them in ziplock bags. :D

  10. I returned to work today for my first day (which ended up being a half day) after my surgery and was so happy to see that the Frolic I ordered has come in! I just LOVE that line! I'm excited to see what you've gotten whipped up out of it. :o)


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