I'm getting really excited!

This is another sneak peak at my current WIP.
I had a spare moment today so I worked on this.
I love it now!
I can't wait to share the finished product.
It's sew cute!

Do you have any fun WIP's?
I would love to hear!
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  1. I have a couple. I need to put the borders on the quilt center I finished yesterday and put together the blocks I pieced yesterday. I also have an applique project that I sort of started designing and cutting out but decided I'm not sure if I like it or not yet so I'm letting it soak in before I go any further. I also have a crazy quilt that I'm starting tomorrow that will hopefully be gawdjus, dahling!
    Can't wait to see your finished product. Is this your next Moda Bakeshop entry?

  2. I'm actually working on that cute 9 patch Moda Birdie quilt you did a tutorial for. A friend of mine saw it and so I printed her a copy too, now I think she is going to stop by on her way through your town and try to buy some of it. So cute, can't wait to show everyone my plans.

  3. That is very cute. You're using Frolic, right? I have a TON of WIP's. My main project is a Twilight quilt. I'm going to post my latest block in just a few minutes . . . blogging is so fun!

  4. I have a rag quilt for my son its done in all john deere patterns and farm animals... he is 15 months and one of his favorite words is tractor. Next in line is a baby quilt for the little one due in June or late May...I should be working harder on them!

  5. Loving your flower :) I need to get some dresses finished so I can get to work on my 2 quilts!

    I got a package yesterday :)

  6. I can't wait to see it either! :)

    I'm quilting a little 9-patch for a baby. It's a sweet little quilt for sure. And girly. :)

  7. Hey Natalia - I using the Authentic fatquarter bundle I got from you and here is my WIP: http://maryonlakepulaski.blogspot.com/2010/03/authentic-merry-go-round.html

    I'm almost read to sew the whole top together - so fun!!

  8. so cute! I am going to be working on my vacation hand sewing project... hexagons. I'm going to make a doll quilt for my daughter with them. :)


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