Don't you love getting mail?

Today I checked my mail and guess what arrived. This months issue of Fab Shop News. Okay so most of you probably don't know what that is. It's a magazine that the quilt shop owners get. I love to get the magazine, it's very informattive and very helpful. I read through the magazine and then closed it to find this on the back cover!
Moda Bake Shop's new ad AND I GET TO BE IN IT! I am so honored!!!! Thanks Lissa and Angela!
Look for this Ad in your new quilting magazines!
Don't you just love Moda Bake Shop?
I am curious to know what your favorite Moda Bake Shop tutorial is?

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  1. Re Bake Shop ... Just about all of them! GREAT website!!!

  2. G'day, For me, Its a toss up between the Hushabye Tote and Coin Quilt and the Pinwheel Baby Quilt. I love that you can make so much from such a minimal amout of fabric.I Can't wait to see your next project on there!

  3. WooHoo! Your name in lights! Big Congrats!

  4. Very exciting! Congratulations!

  5. I've made several variations of the Tumbler quilt...I think it was called Sweet something...

  6. that has to be so exciting....

  7. isn't it funny to get mail and see yourself?.. crazy i know! ;-)

  8. It is so fun to be 'published!' Congratulations!

  9. So cool! I am actually trying to submit an idea to Moda Bakeshop! Any advice from a PRO???

  10. woohoo! I get Quilters' Home and will look for the ad in the next issue!

  11. Congratulations Natalia, how exciting you deserve to be in the Bake Shop ad. Have a great weekend!! Oh yes I love the quilting tutorials best.


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