I'm still seeing stars, & a big honor!

Do you remember back here, when I thought I was seeing stars? Well, that was just the beginning.
One of our local quilt guilds has been making Buggy Barn star quilts.
I've been having a lot of fun quilting these star quilts for the ladies.
It's so much fun to see how each lady makes the same quilt their own.
I also got to quilt a Buggy Barn Bunny Quilt today.
Have you made a Buggy Barn quilt yet?

Also, I have to share this darling quilt!
Lynne, from England made my I'm Blushing quilt!
Thanks for sharing this picture Lynne, it's such a huge honor that you liked my quilt enough to make it!

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  1. Lots of fun variations. I love their patterns.


  2. Hi Natalia,

    Those stars quilts are certainly eye-catching.
    I love how different the same design can be as shown by these quilts and the I'm blushing one made by Lynne.

    Hugs, Sharon

  3. love love love those star quilts! and what a fun springy version of the blushing quilt.
    I love all the quilts you share!

  4. love the star quilts! i've done the scrappy cats buggy barn quilt; it was fun

  5. lots of stars!! and i love the bright version of i'm blushing!! very nice!

  6. It's so fun in those bright colors!

    Sign of a great design... ;)

    I love your work.

  7. I'm so glad others like Buggy Barn! I'm just finishing a star quilt for a baby boy with the Buggy Barn stars. Super Simple, Super Quick!!

    Love your site!

  8. Your I'm Blushing quilt is such a great pattern. It looks really good in other fabric lines too.

  9. Love all the stars - the Riley Blakes are so cute in there! And your quilt in those fabrics is adorable :)


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