It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Okay, really I don't live in a neighborhood.
My closest neighbor is about a 1/4 of a mile away.
But who cares!
Today was a wonderful day!
Do you ever have days that are just great?

The sun was shining.
I got to go to lunch with some of my great friends.
Whitnee came over and worked on some projects.
I machine quilted 3 baby quilts!
My husband had a happy day!
I got to sew!
For myself!
It's been over 3 weeks since I've sewn for myself and I'm pretty sure my sewing machine was crying!
He missed me!
I missed him!
Are you wondering what I sewed on?
My next Moda Bake Shop project.
I love it!
The colors are so refreshing.
It makes me so excited and happy thinking that some day soon the snow will melt,
we will see grass again,
I will get a tan again,
we will go to the swimming pool again.

Today was a PERFECT monday!

How was your Monday?
I  hope it was happy!

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  1. I hope one day my stitching on my appliqué can be as perfect as yours!

    We had a good day too... I put the final touches on 2 quilts (including the one you quilted for Steiger!), and my Oz quilt. And we went to town to run errands... he's at an age where he's really fun to take to town! (and the weather was so gorgeous)

  2. Monday was a lovely day for me too. The weather was mild and I worked in the garden. I also got to do a little sewing. Nice all around.

  3. I'm laughing! I've always referred to my machine as "she" - it's funny to see you refer to yours as a "he" - does he have a name???? ;-)

  4. Yay for time with your machine & warm sunshine! I'm so ready for it all to melt away!

  5. Sounds like a wonderfully spectacular day - and I LOVE that orange circle - it just pops against the other colors!

  6. Oh I'm so sorry you still have snow. It got nice and warm here, around 60, for maybe 3 days, and now we're having drizzly chilly spring weather.

  7. It's always a good day when you get to sew for yourself! I can't wait to see what your project is because the fabric in your picture might have just become my new favorite. I'm going to have to get a job just to afford buying fabric!


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