Where are all the pictures of your quilts?

There are a few reasons why I haven't had as many photos of quilts that I've quilted recently..
1- I recently quilted approx. 25 yards of tapestry to be used in recovering a couch. I didn't think that you cared to see pictures of the same material over and over.....
2- I don't really like to post pictures of my customers quilts on here before they see them, so I'm holding off for a few days.
3- I'm working on a few secret projects and I just can't share them here yet.
So! I thought I'd share some fun info today!
(I promise I'll have pictures of quilts tomorrow.)

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  1. Natalia-
    I {Heart} your blog! I found it through MBS. You are SOOOO creative and AMAZING!!! I am going to have some quilts I will need quilting done on later this summer. Anyway, come check out my blog! I would love to hear from you!!! www.sewdangcute.blogspot.com!

  2. Pictures of some of my quilts are in a slideshow on my BLOG.

    I also have some quilts that I don't show until they are shown at my Guild show an d share. Coming up day after tomorrow I'll have pictures of the Tri-City Quilt Show quilts where I'm displaying a few of my favorite quilts I made from last year to now.

  3. Whoa! you quilted 25 YARDS for upholstery? I totally want to see that couch when it's done! You are amazing!

  4. I can't wait to see your new projects!
    I have my quilty blog at caraquilts.blogspot.com

  5. I post pictures of my quilts on my blog as they are done (or as people recieve them as gifts):


    I even linked to your sale from last Saturday!

  6. Ditto on the above comment about the 25 yards of upholstery!

    My sewing/craft blog is pitterputterstitch.blogspot.com.

    I used the Simply Authentic quilt you made as the inspiratation for my spring bedroom quilt.

  7. I love checking out your blog and the beautiful quilts - great tutorials! I get great colour ideas as well - thanks! I am at: skeenadesigns.bogspot.com

  8. Hi Natalia,
    I received my fabric package from you today ~ thank you ~thank you.. Do you have a piece n quilt blog button? If so I will put it on my blog. Oh and I love your frolic quilt, can't wait to see it in the Bake Shop!

  9. Oh and I am working on 2 quilts with the Nautical and Nice I got from you, one finished one to go.


  10. Wow, 25 yards of tapestry - that is just crazy! And who knew you were in so many places? If you'd like to check out my crafty-sewing-life blog it's http://miss-print.blogspot.com

  11. Darling quilts--I love the relax one--so fun!!

  12. I love your blog, the design and quilting you do. Always excited to see your new works. I have my own little blog at www.myequiltingoglittannet.blogspot.com. My dream is to stat a shop full of fabrics, yarn, quilts and knittings :o) Hope it will come through one day!


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