I think I've tried them all.......

Every type of batting that is....
I started machine quilting with Hobbs 80/20.
Had issues with it.
Decided to start trying everything.
Not joking, I've tried, green, black, polyester,cotton, blends, lofty, low loft, wool, flame retardant.
You name it. I've probably used it.
Somehow I got my hands on some of this.
I fell in LOVE.
I can't point my finger on exactly why I love it so much.
how it washes, how it layes, the soft texture, it's comfortable to lay under, my tension is nice with it.
I don't mind using other battings, in fact I can think of 6 other brands right here in my studio right now.

What is your favorite type of batting and why?
Really I'm super curious!

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  1. I haven't tried lots and lots like you have, but I do like Warm and Natural. I like the weight, I guess, and it seems to make a warm, comfy quilt to sleep under.

  2. What issues did you have with Hobbs?

    I use Hobbs 80/20 and Quilter's Dream Select or Request.

    I really like Hobbs. Although I will say that their trapunto batting? Yeah, it leaves a LOT to be desired! Sticking with my Airtex from now on!

  3. You've found my favorite, Quilter's Dream. I like the cotton, the poly and the blend. It washed up just wonderfully, it is easy to needle through by hand, and just glides along under the machine.

  4. I may have to try this. You didn't mention bamboo in your list...I love the bamboo batting. You'll have to give it a go too. It is so soft.

  5. Umm....the cheap brand at Walmart? Ya know the $11 for a high loft king/queen batting.

  6. My husband and I like to use an 80/20 blend from fiberco.com. They're a small company out of Fort Worth.

  7. I like warm n white for larger projects and like bamboo for runners & baby blankets since it is thinner.

  8. i really like warm and natural, but it is not always in my budget so i use it when i can. i have never tried this....is it easy to find in stores?

  9. Awesome post! I have really been struggling with batting lately.
    Great to see all the comments. Can't wait to try something new.

  10. Good post! Since you've tried them all..maybe you could give me some tips! I use Warm & White most of the time. I have used the Bamboo for a baby quilt and liked that too, but it's pricey and I think Joann's only carries crib size. What I would like to try is a higher loft than the warm & white. Something that will be a little thicker and warmer...any suggestions? (I machine quilt my quilts w/ a Viking Mega Quilter (not on a frame))

  11. I love to use fusible batting - that's one trick when you don't have a long arm ;-), and Hobbs 80/20 is my fave!

  12. Hands down I love quilters dream--but in quilts--I roast so therefore in bed quilts for me and my husband I put in Hobbs and for baby quilts, but for all other--quilters dream. You get what you pay for!!

  13. I'm with Crystal Hendrix - Wal-mart, if they have the size I want. It's affordable. But I had ordered batting from Joann Fabrics and liked it. Can't tell you the name, but I had a 40% or 50% off coupon and that is the reason for using it. To be quite honest, I use whatever because of lack of knowledge on type of batting, etc. And around here, where I'm living, we don't have quilting classes - I don't think!

  14. Well I'm about to use Warm and Natural for the first time here in a few days...I'll let ya know how it goes but so far I've only heard fantastic things about it!!

  15. I've never tried hobbs but I will now. I use warm and natural. I like how the fabric sort of sticks to it when you pinning it all together. But I'll have to give yours a try too!

  16. I love Quilter's Dream batting. It is the only thing I use in my quilts. Since I have a tax I.D. I buy wholesale and can't beat the price!

  17. I use warm and white since it's easy to come by and I can use a coupon and get a good deal! Maybe when my budget gets a little more wiggle room I'll try Quilter's Dream.

  18. I love Quilters Dream and use select or request depending on the quilting and use of the quilt.


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