Machine Quilting with Contrasting Thread

Generally when I machine quilt any quilt I select thread colors that will blend the most with the quilt fabrics, usually my go-to thread is #402 So Fine! by Super Threads. It's a great color and blends with so many quilts.
However, when Jane sent me this beautiful quilt she asked me to machine quilt it with a contrasting teal thread.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that even though I've machine quilted thousands of quilts using a contrasting thread still scares me a little bit. It's so much easier to find any mistake with a contrasting thread color.
But, if that's what Jane wants, that's what I'll give her.
We decided on an all over swirly pattern, and after starting the quilting I really fell in love with the contrasting thread, I really love how it gives the quilt so much texture. Thanks for suggesting the teal thread Jane!

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  1. Natalia, that is really nice. I would like to try contrasting when I quilt on my Bernina but not enough experience yet to try it. Good job!

  2. Why do you use a polyester thread instead of a cotton like King Tut? Do you piece with polyester also? Why does one quilter use one while another quilter uses cotton? I have bought several spools of King Tut but now do I buy So Fine?
    Is polyester more unnoticible? Thank you! It's confusing.
    jlblvn at gmail dot com


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